The ERDOGAN Method For Spanish Teachers

Module One: The Correct Presentation Of Spanish Vocabulary Lists To Students

In early 2012 we began to compile a resource of basic Spanish words for teachers to use. The resources will all be downloadable to registered teachers of the ERDOGAN Spanish method.

The guidelines for teaching lists of Spanish vocabulary are as follows

Before publishing the works in the monthly edition of learning Spanish in Spain we would appreciate any comments or suggestions you might like to offer. You can review samples of the materials here on our YouTube channel of Spanish lessons.

At the entrance of the main hall you'll find a list of feedback questionnaires. We invite you to fill these out in order to help us produce the best teacher resources we can for all of you.

Suggestions could include the most popular topics students in class enjoy talking about or even recommendations about how the layout of classroom could be improved in order to create a better and richer learning environment for everyone.

Inside the download section there will also be an upload facility where tutors can contribute there own files and lesson plans for other teachers to use and benefit from. The more tutors that actively get involved and upload resources the better it will be for everyone.

The login will be located on this page. Each tutor will be issued a user name and password by email in the coming weeks.

We thank you for your patience during these past months.

ERDOGAN staff and facilitators.

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Coming Next... Our Recommended List Of Doctors and Dentists In Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico

Are you living close by in the Yucatán area of Mexico? If yes we'd like you to help us as we compile our list of recommended doctors and dentists. This list will be useful for our students while staying here during language courses with us. Mary Blane has got us started with her personal recommendation of this dentist in Mérida, we'll be doing a full write-up and directory listings for all English speaking doctors & dentists in the city very soon so email us your recommendations and experiences please! The doctor is question is equiped with the very latest in dental technology.

Computized Tomography and Tomographic Reconstruction In Merida

This brand new installation will be opening in one months time so anyone seeking for cheaper prices than in the U.S should check out the the PDF tomorgrafia Merida.